My family has been involved in the brewing industry for over 245 years, spanning two continents, surviving the Napoleonic Wars, two World Wars, Prohibition, and, thanks to my family’s continued involvement in brewing, beer distribution, and retail, we have continued our brewing heritage in all parts of the three-tier system.

I reincorporated the Griesedieck Brothers Brewery in 1992, and reintroduced Griesedieck Brothers Beer itself in 2002.  My father was Henry A. Griesedieck - the last president of the original Griesedieck Brothers - and I am proud to pick up the torch from where he and his cousins left off.

I had always wanted to be in the brewing industry, and in the spirit of the craft brewing movement, decided to jump in head first.

The industry certainly has changed since G/B was Number One in St. Louis and surrounding areas, but one cannot think of the St. Louis brewing industry, or even the American brewing industry, without mentioning the Griesedieck family and the pride and passion my family has had for beer and shared with others over the past two centuries

I thank you for your support of G/B.  Remember, “G/B” means “Great Beer!”


Ray Griesedieck

8th Generation Brewer & Founder

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Raymond A. Griesedieck