Golden Pilsener 

Made with all malt and noble hops, this pilsener has a medium yet dry body with a slight hops bitterness that finishes clean.
Golden Pilsener Stats
ABV: 4.7%  IBU: 23
Malt: Pilsen malt, 2 row malt, Dextrin malt, Caramel 20L
Hops: Saaz

Unfiltered Bavarian-Style Wheat

Thanks to our Munich-born weizen yeast, this unfiltered wheat ale has a fresh ripe banana flavor and aroma with a hint of cloves.
Unfiltered Bavarian-Style Wheat Stats
ABV: 4.8%  IBU: 12
Malt: 2 row malt, White wheat malt, Red wheat Malt, Dextrin malt, Pilsener Malt, Crystal Malt
Hops: Perle

Double Mellow 1880 Session Porter

First brewed in 1880 at the A. Griesedieck Brewing Company, we name this beer after the moniker provided later on by the Original Griesedieck Bros. Brewery in the 1930s and 1940s by all being "Double Mellow."  Double Mellow 1880 session porter has an American lager base but gets its flavor from brown, caramel and chocolate malts.  It's not exactly a Schwarzbier, but doesn't fall totally in the Porter category either.
Double Mellow Session Porter Stats
ABV: 4.5%  IBU: 14.6
Malt: 2 row malt, 6 row malt, flaked corn, brown malt, caramel malt, chocolate malt, black malt
Hops: Cluster, Willamette

 Double Mellow Standard American Amber Lager

The amber lager had first made its debut in the 1840s in Vienna, Austria.  Our American Amber Lager first debuted at the A. Griesedieck Brewing Company in the 1880s, and again at the National Brewery in 1906.  Double Mellow Standard American Amber has an American lager base but gets its flavor from the caramel malts.  
Double Mellow Standard American Amber Lager Stats
ABV: 4.4%  IBU: 12
Malt: 2 row malt, 6 row malt, Flaked corn, caramel malt, Dextrine malt
Hops: Cluster, Willamette


Summer Ale

Our first summer seasonal variety is a Belgian-style Witbier, using lemon peel and grains of paradise to provide a slightly citrusy but smoothy silky beer that will keep your summer bright.
Summer Ale Stats
ABV: 5.0%  IBU: 6
Malt: 2 row malt, white wheat malt, flaked oats
Hops: Perle

Brightest Hazy Day NEIPA

We wanted to brew a beer that would allow for creativity and focus on newer hops, but also have purpose.  Brightest Day Hazy IPA will see proceeds going to the St. Louis Chapter of the ALS Association*.  
Brightest Hazy Day NEIPA Stats
ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 55
Malt: 2 row malt, white wheat malt, red wheat malt, flaked oats
Hops: Ekuanot, Calypso, Huell Melon